Experience of use Phenopen

Jacob from Chicago spoke about the experience of using Phenopen

If not for the car accident that happened to me four years ago, then I would not have had a reason to share my opinion about Phenopen with you. I must say right away that this electronic cigarette greatly helps me to cope with the consequences of this event, relieving pain and fears.

An accident changed my life forever

Jacob discovered Phenopen

I was very traumatized that day. Several bone fractures, a concussion of the brain and internal organ injuries made me stay in the hospital for several months. And after that, I underwent rehabilitation for a long time so that my body would function fully again.

Health has recovered over time. But my problems didn't end there. The psychological consequences of my trauma began to haunt me: sudden panic attacks became a part of my life. I became afraid to get behind the wheel. Constant anxiety and restlessness overcame me, even when I was at home in a calm environment. I slept badly at night, and even properly fused bones made themselves felt sore from time to time.

A way to refuse medications

Needless to say, I was constantly addicted to drugs. Painkillers and sedatives have always been in my arsenal. Over time, the old drugs weakened their effect, and doctors prescribed stronger drugs. I was afraid of my addiction and was looking for an opportunity to at least partially replace drugs with safe methods.

Studying oriental practices and acupuncture, using essential oils and incense was useful in its own way, but it did not help me achieve my goal. I found out that it is perfectly legal to use CBD vaping with 100% pure hemp extract by accident.

The best I have found in this class of product is Phenopen. I ordered it from the manufacturer through the website, having previously carefully studied how to use this device. It was important for me that this is not a drug and that it is not addictive and does not harm health.

Reaction to Phenopen application

Phenopen system packaging

The e-cigarette has been an ergonomic addition to my life. Although I had never been a smoker, it was pleasant to breathe in the cool aromatic steam. This process did not cause unnecessary questions from others and did not have unpleasant consequences - my head always remained clear.

Every time I felt like I was not coping with anxiety, I breathed in Phenopen wherever I was. The panic subsided, and in return came calm relaxation. This has nothing to do with euphoria, but I began to feel better, and my confidence and positive attitude returned.

Phenopen helped me regain healthy sleep. One inhale at night helped to relieve aching pains, relax muscles and calm nerves. Now I sleep like a child until the morning. Soon, I was able to partially abandon medications and now I use them as a last resort. For any other situation, I have Phenopen. I am back to normal and driving again.

Based on my feelings, I can confirm that Phenopen is safe and not addictive. Replacement cassettes are magnetically attached and can be ordered separately from the e-cigarette. I use about two cassettes a month and order several cassettes on the official website. Very beneficial in comparison to the savings on medicines.

One BUT! Don't give in to scammers, order only a certified device with the patented Phenopen formula. It will not disappoint you.