Reviews Phenopen

  • William
    Phenopen is definitely the best CBD consuming device I have ever tried. A handy vaporizer complements the hemp extract inside the cartridge. One breath of this mixture relieves me of everyday stress and relieves migraines. If someone hasn't decided yet, I want to say that Phenopen is definitely worth the money.
  • Sophie
    Phenopen is a product for people who love and know how to benefit from CBD from cannabis extract. This is not a drug, it does not harm health, but on the contrary has a beneficial effect. Using it for about a year, I managed to give up cigarettes. With him I do not use pills or alcohol, and my head is always clear. Thank you guys!
  • Max
    I have sore knees. Since I started using phenopen, I hardly ever take pain relievers. Although I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, but to my surprise, inhaling the vapors turned out to be easy and enjoyable. I feel better overall. I highly recommend trying it for physical relief!
  • Ruby
    What is Phenopen? This is an electronic cigarette, plus the relaxation effect, plus a pleasant tasty vapor. Viping helps me physically and mentally get through the moments when I'm most stressed or when I'm working too hard. No addiction, no bad smell, no limits. It can be used everywhere - solid pluses.
  • Henry
    After trying Phenopen, I can say that this is the next step in the use of hemp derivatives. I'm not talking about euphoria, but about physical relief, calming and stress relief. With it I control my positive attitude, sleep well and have no nerve problems. It is easy to use and has no side effects.
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